Stewarding Fellowship’s vision to change the heart and soul of the world.


Locally, we want to welcome internationals in Northwest Arkansas and support leaders we’ve sent overseas. We want to reach the unreached near and far. Through welcoming internationals here, long-term teams, and strategic partnerships, we want to see churches planted where they currently do not exist. This vision finds unique expression in our multiple congregations.

Serving Locally
Impacting Globally

Welcome Internationals

Every year, hundreds of internationals come to NWA, many of them from countries with little or no access to the Gospel. Many of them never have the opportunity to make a local friend or connect with a believer. Welcome an international by making a life-long and transformational friendship.

Ways to Welcome

Serve Global Workers

When global workers visit NWA, one of the ways we support them is with on campus housing called “The Village.” We also meet tangible and relational needs including hospitality, preparing their homes, picking teams up at the airport, and helping teams feel supported and cared for while they are with us.

Ways to Serve


Almost one out of every three people in the world have little or no access to the Gospel. More than 70% of the leaders we send and support work among these unreached people groups and 13 are national partners. We want to see national-led, self-supporting, reproducing churches planted where they currently are not.


Are you considering going to make disciples among the unreached? Connect with us to learn more about our vision and practices for sending someone long-term. Email us or call 479-659-3633.

We define short term as anything up to two years. Seven to 10-day short-term trips are led through specific ministry teams. Contact your ministry leader to explore possible trip opportunities. For longer opportunities that serve an existing team for six weeks and up to two years, email us or call 479-878-2979.

Mission Trip Donation

At any given time at Fellowship, it is likely you’ll find more than 10 mission trips scheduled for local or global destinations. These trips depend on the generous donations of others. Review the list at the link below and select a trip to support!

Donate to a Mission Trip